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Why Missing Out on Todd Frazier Will Prove to be Very Costly for the Sox

The Red Sox didn’t just lose Todd Frazier to any other team — he was stolen from them by…the Yankees. The general reaction from Sox fans (via ‘Twitter and Instagram) seems to be mellow and something no one will lose sleep over. Let me tell you why you should lose sleep over it:

Power (or Lack Thereof)

Fenway has a power outage — no… all the lights are up and running, I’m talking about the team. In a year that is set to break records for the amount of home runs, the Red Sox are dead last in the American League with a meager 94 home runs.

Some will say the Sox are fine, seeing that they are 5th in the AL with 448 runs scored, but are they really? Tell me what happens when that blooper doesn’t fall in or when the team starts to struggle with men in scoring position? I think you can see where I am going with this. The Red Sox need a big bat in the middle of their lineup.

Ever since Todd Frazier broke into the league in 2011, he has been widely known for his ability to hit the long ball. In his seven year career, Frazier has had two seasons of 35 home runs or more, a season with 29 dingers, and two more with 19 homers. Although hitting only .250 for his career, Frazier’s bat cannot be underestimated. One problem: The Red Sox missed out on him, and don’t have many other places to look.

The Bronx Bombers

It’s tough to watch the Red Sox lose any player, but it’s even worse when he ends up falling to the Yankees. With Frazier heading to New York, it’s hard to ignore the combination of Sanchez, Judge, and Frazier that will be anchoring the heart of that lineup. Here’s a scary fact: That trio has 60 home runs among them this year alone, just 34 less than the whole Red Sox team. I get it, home runs are not the end all be all, but they do translate to runs, and runs translate to wins. In a tight AL East race the Yanks have geared up for the long haul, something that poses a legitimate threat to not just the whole league, but the Red Sox in particular.

Depth and Stability

Brock Holt is not an everyday player. He is electric to watch here and there…but he is not the answer at third base as the Red Sox approach August and September. Holt is best when he is a utility guy who allows the manager multiple options. If the Sox were to have acquired Frazier, Holt would have taken up that utility role once again. Having that stability at a position that has been anything but stable would have done the Sox much good. Who knows — maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the combination of Holt/Lin/Marrero will produce 25 home runs the rest of the year and drive runs in on the daily.

I thought that was a pretty good joke, what about you?


Does losing Todd Frazier to the Yankees mean the season is lost for the Sox? Hell no! Any person in their right mind knows the Red Sox have put themselves in a great position to succeed going into these final months. The problem is that they have initially failed to acquire the piece that their lineup needed the most. They have not separated themselves from others. In fact, others (like the Yankees) have narrowed the gap between them. Buckle up…these final months are gonna be a wild ride.



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