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Sandoval to DL After Being Benched

Pablo Sandoval will make 17.6 million this season.


Pablo Sandoval is hitting .212 with 4 home runs and 12 RBI.


Pablo Sandoval was replaced at 3rd base last night by a catcher.


Pablo Sandoval consequently has been place on the DL with an “ear infection”.


Pablo Sandoval may have an ear infection, but he will be out far longer than he needs to be. They don’t want to release him, and he is a wasted roster spot, so they’ve basically told him to go away for a month and will send him to Pawtucket on a rehab assignment. He is being paid 17.6 million and has been so terrible they need to find any excuse to get him off their lineup.


John Farrell has come to a point where he would rather Deven Marrero or Josh Rutledge play over him. He’s consistently been benched in favor of .157 hitter Marrero,  Rule 5 selection Josh Rutledge, and last night was benched in the 9th inning in favor catcher Christian Vazquez in a 4-2 game, who has a total of 9 games of professional experience at third base, and it was in 2009. He’s been so bad in the field as well that Marrero became an everyday player at third just because he was competent at player his position, even though he’s a natural second baseman.


“Is Sandoval the worst contract in Red Sox history?” they asked, “Worse that Crawford?” they wonder. Absolutely. He’s 5-for-61 (.081) in against righties since coming to the Red Sox, yet he’s still considered a switch hitter. To put the injury into perspective, Mitch Moreland is currently playing with a fractured toe. And Pablo Sandoval is on the DL with an ear ache.


He’s a disaster. He’s a liability. He needs to be off this team.

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1 Comment

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